story stag#

Hi, welcome to my corner.

My day job is researching sustainability related stuff; writing is a hobby. I love reading, writing, telling and listening to stories. I’ve been writing stories (more) and poetry (less) on and off for several years. This site is a work in progress, as is my writing. I’m experimenting with different genres, from sci-fi and fantasy to children’s stories to personal narratives. I mostly write flash fiction (or microfiction), short-short stories, because they’re relatively quick and easy. I also have some work that I’m hoping might get published one day, so will not appear here in full. I’m using the blog for introducing short pieces I write, from flash fiction to poetry to essay type thoughts, and for discussion about story-related stuff, updates on my writing, a bit poetry and sundry. It is evolving as I go.

Your comments and feedback on my writing, both praise and (constructive) criticism, are very welcome. Have a look around…

  Sitting by a fireside is a good way to tell tales.

P.S. the ‘story stag’ image is a photo of a Bronze Sculpture by Gillie and Marc. The fireside photo was taken by a friend.


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